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Sponsors & Partners

We have also worked with students who attend the following schools:
Immanuel College
City of London School
Haberdashers' Girls' School
Haberdashers' Boys' School
Hasmoneon High School for Girls
Hasmoneon High School for Boys
Yavneh College
Wren Academy 
Withington Girls' School
Kantor King Solomon High School
South Hampstead High School



I am pleased to support YSE, which is an impressive initiative exploring sustainable development in the context of global social responsibility as a key Jewish value.


From the book of Genesis we learn that since every human being is created in the image of God, our compassion must extend to one and all.


I therefore encourage students aged between 15 to 18 to take part, and am delighted that this is an initiative inspired by the Ben Azzai Programme. My best wishes to all those taking part!"

 Chief Rabbi Mirvis 

I was so impressed with the session ran by YSE, for year 10. The girls were not only focused throughout, but also excited. Important social issues can often seem so far away to teenagers, and yet the session made the issues faced by communities across the world relevant and engaging.


The hands on, interactive structure of the session meant that the girls were immersed in experiential learning. It is rare to see a session which engages the students to the degree that they were engaged in this YSE session. Well done, and thank you!"

Gabriella Naylor, Teacher
Hasmonean High School For Girls


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