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Our Story


December 2019

Whilst both (Asher Levy and Dan Amroussi) studying at the University of Leeds, we were selected onto the Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme where we attended an immersive trip to Ghana to learn about the realities of extreme poverty.


We interacted with local Ghanaians, exposing us to the challenges facing certain communities including malnutrition, gender inequalities and limited education. Conversations with locals about these challenges were highly informative and emotional. At times, it was difficult to explain to locals that our purpose at this moment was to learn and understand as opposed to financing any immediate solution. Not until we had a stronger foundation of understanding were we able to take responsibility. 


August 2020

After graduating, we entered the corporate world of accountancy and commercial law. We were surprised to learn how central corporate social responsibility goals are to effective businesses irrespective of the industry. We did not necessarily expect to find that the knowledge we gained from the Ben Azzai Programme would be applicable to workplace environments. We felt driven to inspire other young people to apply their commercial acumen to make a social impact. 

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September 2020

We launched Young Social Entrepreneurs: a competition for school students to design and develop their own social enterprise in response to challenges faced in impoverished communities.

The programme empowers young people to reflect on their worldview and equips them with the entrepreneurial mindset to inspire positive change.

Since our launch, over 250 students from across 20 different schools have taken part in our programme.

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