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Our Story

Competition 2023

Round 1


How it Works

  • Eligibility: You must be a UK student in Years 10-13

  • Sign Up: Sign up a group via our form. There must be 2-5 members in your group.

  • Case Study: Once you sign up, you will receive a Case Study showcasing challenges in Rural Ethiopia. 

  • Task: Design a social enterprise in response to the Case Study


The Three Rounds

  1. ssSSS​

  1. Project Proposal Form: Design a social enterprise in response to the Case Study and outline your idea in this form. 

  2. Creative Submission: Following expert feedback, showcase your improvements in the form of a creative submission. 

  3. The Final Pitch: The top five groups will present their social enterprise idea to a panel of industry expert judges. 

The Prizes

1st & 2nd Place: Trip to the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

All finalists: Opportunity to secure an internship through the YSE Alumni Programme

All participants: Certificate of Completion

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