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Your task is to brainstorm your own sustainable project in response to a scenario that represents challenges in the developing world.

To participate you must:

Be a student in the UK

Be in Year 10 - Year 13

For further competition information:


Stage 1: Sign Up 

You will form groups of 2-5 and should sign up to the competition to confirm your eligibility.

Please allocate a group member to be the Group Leader who will act as the group's point of contact.


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Our Partners


Asher Levy & Dan Amroussi

Co-Founders of YSE

Having travelled to Ghana on the Chief Rabbi's Ben Azzai programme in 2019, we witnessed first-hand the challenges of poverty, education and social mobility in the developing world. 

Whilst we appreciate the importance of starting the conversation about global social responsibility, we want to allow students to actively engage with the subject, in a competitive, creative and interactive way.


And that is why we have created Young Social Enterprise. We can't wait to see your project proposals!

Deetza Elf & Leanne Baker


At Tzedek, we engage the UK Jewish community in global responsibility while simultaneously reducing extreme poverty overseas. It is our Jewish and human obligation to pursue tzedek (justice) and to play our part in the international response against poverty in all its forms everywhere.


This requires our community’s future leaders to be globally-minded and responsible citizens of the world.

Young Social Enterprise, founded by Tzedek alumni who took part in the Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme, is a wonderful way for you to start your journey learning about ethical and sustainable practices to reduce global poverty. Get involved to play your part for our global community!

Chief Rabbi

Ephraim Mirvis

I am pleased to support Young Social Enterprise, which is an impressive initiative exploring sustainable development in the context of global social responsibility as a key Jewish value.


From the book of Genesis we learn that since every human being is created in the image of God, our compassion must extend to one and all.


I therefore encourage students aged between 15 to 18 to take part, and am delighted that this is an initiative inspired by the Ben Azzai Programme. My best wishes to all those taking part!



If you have any questions regarding the competition please get in touch with us via the contact form


Thanks for getting in touch!

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